The power of exhibitions and events to drive business and economic development are at the heart of the messaging in a new national advocacy campaign launched by the Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia (EEAA).


Why Exhibit

An exhibition has the power to:

  • bring your most active prospects and customers to you
  • harnesses all five senses to drive home your messages
  • create a deep vertical interaction with the product
  • drive business to other sales channels - e.g. online and retail
  • provide opportunity to meet more interested buyers than any other sales activity
  • to build business relationshios and generate leads
  • emotionally connect with customers

Proof of the Power

No other marketing medium concentrates your efforts on the most active buyers in your market at any given time and delivers experiential qualities presented by the live exhibition.

Key Facts:

  • Average dwell times at the trade show is five to six hours
  • Drives business to other sales channels
  • Benefits of exhibitions far out-weigh anything in the digital world
  • Exhibitions are a marketers dream
  • 83 per cent of visitors have authority to purchase
  • 72 per cent of visitors intend to buy either at the event or in the near future



For further information on the "Power of Exhibitions", the following booklets are available for download:


Exhibitions Work
How to Exhibit
How to Measure exhibition Success

These "How To" booklets were designed for exhibitors to provide information about:

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