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CMS Events

EEAA 2030 Sustainability pledge

Head Office:

Suite 4/ 172 Scarborough Beach Rd, Mount Hawthorn WA

We operate in:

Western Australia

Landline Phone:

(08) 9201 9888

Mobile Phone:

Contact Email:


Business Overview:

Providing 35+ years of experience for your next event
CMS Events has professional industry experience that has been built over 25 years. With a sound background of operating events and exhibitions, they have used the broad knowledge of marketing, sales, operations and financial control to apply their skills across a range of industries and styles of events. Currently their management includes food and wine, trade exhibitions, seminars, functions, tourism and community events, sporting events, entertainment and more. Their ability and involvement starts from consultation, structured business plans to full event management.

With 25 years in the events industry in Western Australia and experience of over 170 exhibitions and projects, CMS Events offer a strategic approach to development, management and marketing for events of any size.

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