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Diversified Communications Australia

EEAA 2030 Sustainability pledge

Head Office:

22/181 William St, Melbourne VIC 3000

We operate in:

Melbourne, Sydney

Landline Phone:

1300 348 266

Mobile Phone:

Contact Email:


Business Overview:

Diversified Communications is a third-generation family-owned company whose mission is to connect, educate and strengthen business communities around the world. We are an international media communications company who specialize in exhibitions, conferences, digital products, publications and custom solutions.

As a market leader Diversified Communications is uniquely positioned to operate at the forefront of the industries it serves creating world class events along with an exceptional learning environment that owns and runs an impressive industry-specific trade portfolio of events in Australia every year for a range of industries including Food and Hospitality, Design and Technology, Oil and Gas, Waste and Recycling, Security and Workplace Management. We are aggregators of content and creators of communities. We provide opportunities for brands and industries to generate strong connections, unrivaled learning experiences and a platform that strengthens and unites business industries. We believe in the innate power of the face to face business connection, where initial eye contact and a handshake can form the basis of a lasting relationship.

Diversified is currently located in William St, Melbourne and Kent Street, Sydney employing over 60 staff and operates throughout Australia. Diversified Communications Australia sits proudly within the Diversified Communications group, together with offices from the US, Hong Kong, Canada and the UK.

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