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Australian agency launches on-demand training: Zadro University (ZU)

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Media Release: 2 August 2022

Zadro, an integrated communications agency, has expanded their award-winning training program, Zadro University (ZU), to an online digital platform to provide access to on-demand content and resources to upskill professionals in communications and marketing.

ZU was developed after recognising a gap in the market for executives wanting to improve their teams’ knowledge of integrated communications, without the high price-tag or time restraints of traditional training.

After providing face to face training sessions and then several successful live online sessions during lockdowns, Felicity Zadro, Founder and Managing Director said she was inspired to make ZU available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

“Sharing knowledge has always been a big part of Zadro’s DNA and history. After 15 years in business, I know how important it is for all levels of an organisation to understand how to execute strategic integrated communications – but too often I hear people’s skills and experience are channel-specific or in need of support.

“Training needs to be both practical and evidence-driven; the Zadro team works in communications across a diverse range of industries, campaigns and channels every day and so are well-positioned to utilise our knowledge and share their breadth of experience via ZU.

“We work in a fast-paced environment. Executives want to support their people and provide training that results in an uplift in skills and insights quickly and efficiently; that’s why we believe this practical online training can help marketing and communications professionals deliver for their organisations,” said Zadro.

The new on-demand ZU training consists of:

  • Safaris – Concise, easy to digest premium on-demand video training sessions with workbooks, and covering topics including, public speaking, PR, digital marketing, client and project management and more.

  • Excursions – Bite-sized, short and sharp practical training videos that ‘pack a punch’ covering topics including, award writing, building business reputation, working with creatives and more.

  • Freebies – Tips, tools, resources and templates that provide strategic support.

  • Tailored Tours – Bespoke adventures tailored to the business’ needs.


About Zadro

  • Zadro is an award-winning integrated communications and marketing agency providing services in strategy, marketing, public relations and design.

  • Founded in 2007, Zadro’s mission is to achieve authentic connections that enable success between organisations and their communities. For over 15 years Zadro has supported 470 organisations and their people through strategic planning - COMM*BATTM sessions, marketing, public relations and creative services.

  • Zadro works with clients across the Asia-Pacific region, specialising in business events, tourism, associations, not-for-profit, government, health and technology.

  • In 2019, Felicity Zadro won the EEAA Unsung Hero Award for recognition of her dedication and contribution to the Australian events industry over two decades.

About Zadro University (ZU)

  • ZU is the award-winning, value-packed flexible training platform from Zadro

  • In 2018, ZU’s content won the EEAA Award For Excellence for Best New Product or Service.

  • ZU has been designed to provide practical, on-demand training and resources for the savvy professional requiring marketing and communications style guidance.

  • ZU is designed to help professionals and teams skill up, step up or move up in their role to meet the increasing demands of organisations.

  • It has been designed with two groups in mind:

o Those in marketing and communications roles, or aspiring to be

o Those who manage marketing and communications as part of their wider role such managers is Sales, Admin, Operations, and CEOs.

  • ZU is ideal for individuals to skill up wherever and whenever they need it. In addition, ZU has also been designed with unique features to support professional service businesses, member-based organisations, associations, and geographically dispersed teams.


Felicity Zadro is available for comment, please contact:

Jessica Kauffman, Senior Account Manager, Zadro

| 0400 433 182 |

Oakley Grioli, Senior Account Executive, Zadro

| 0434 295 302 |

Zadro Team image from the Zadro 15th Birthday celebration:

(L – R)

Back row: Mellanie Wulf, Marlise Beasley, Jessica Kauffman, Jenny Speis

Front row: Debbie Bradley, Oakley Grioli, Felicity Zadro, Georgia Took

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