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Cancelling of the Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games

Media Release: Wednesday, 19 July 2023

The Australian Business Events Association (ABEA) acknowledges the Andrews’ government difficult decision to withdraw from hosting the Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games.

Peter King, Chair of ABEA said: “As a part of the events industry we understand the blow this decision would be to the army of people who are working on the comprehensive design and delivery of this complex event, as well as the athletes, community, and fans.

“Event management is a part of the DNA of Victoria and Australia. Business events occur every day around the country, and we know and understand the extensive legacy events leave. The cost benefit in what we do is considerable.

“There are major long-term economic, social, industry and tourism benefits to hosting events, especially ones that would be watched by the world.

“We want to see governments continue to invest in events as a vehicle for economic and social prosperity. Events bring people together and attract new skills and knowledge to local communities.

“We will continue to work with governments to invest and attract business events and to support the workforce skills and capability to provide a solid base for the future, to ensure Australia retains its position as a leader in the delivery of major events,” said King.

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