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EEAA Member leading the way in adding real benefits to their clients

December 2022

The team behind Metropolis Events, Q Events & The Valiant Bar have partnered with New York-based tech start-up Appy Couple to gift every bride a complimentary subscription to the most sophisticated and stylish wedding planning platform available worldwide. The popular platform has provided couples with a personal wedding app and website designed to easily share event details and photos since its conception in 2012. The company is proud to announce that all new wedding bookings made at either Metropolis Events or Q Events, from now until withdrawn, will be gifted with a 12-month subscription to the platform. Now is the time to secure your wedding at the Wedding Industry of Australia’s 2022 #1 Wedding Venue of the year, Metropolis Events!

What is Appy Couple? Appy Couple brings everything together in an interactive website and mobile app for the couple and their guests. It is a planning and communications tool that takes all wedding planning needs across friends, family and vendors and consolidates them into one dynamic package. It is a personalised wedding hub, an expertly crafted, integrated platform to plan, share and impress. Couples can choose from hundreds of exclusive designs to create a signature look for their website, app, and communications.

This innovative platform allows couples to send out digital invitations, manage their RSVPs, share the itinerary, communicate their unique love story, share event pictures, provide specific venue details for their wedding day, and be a hub housing information on local dining spots, accommodation, and other services within the area their guest might need. It also allows couples to invite different groups to various events, such as bridal parties to hens’ nights, with the option to hide invites from selected guests. The digital platform provides over five hundred customised designs to match any wedding style. One of the main benefits of the platform is that it eliminates the stress of creating multiple accounts to do individual tasks.

“We are delighted to partner with Appy Couple to bring their planning app to our couples in 2023 and 2024. We can see weddings are back in Victoria, bigger and better than ever, and now is the perfect time to launch our partnership with Appy in line with the peak proposal season. Providing a new and innovative product alongside our premium event services has excellent synergies, and we are proud to offer this app as an extension of our brand. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Appy Couple within the new year.”

- Phillip Williams - General Manager of Metropolis Events, Q Events & The Valiant Bar.

Why the partnership? The Appy Couple partnership with Metropolis and Q Events will help bolster Metropolis' premium event venue status and establish Q Events in the Melbourne event venue market. With Eddie Muto and Georgina Damm at the helm leading the event venues, the directors pride themselves in having a forward-thinking, vital office and operation team renowned for executing ‘out-of-the-box’ campaigns.

The idea to provide a platform for couples to plan their big day was conceptualised by Eddie in early 2020. Eddie saw a gap in the wedding venue market for providing pre-event ‘service’ and helping couples share updates with their guests; no event venue space in Melbourne supported the couple’s initial planning needs (outside of tips and tricks on blog posts and providing preferred supplier recommendations) before the venue’s dedicated event planners stepped in. The planners are introduced, typically 12 months out of the wedding day, which shows a niche opportunity for the venues to provide support digitally for the early tasks of the wedding organisation. No platform widely known and distributed in the Australian Market does all the planning and sharing needs; however, Appy Couple was discovered after researching abroad.

Usually, couples, especially brides, plan their big day at least one year in advance; the reception venue space is one of the first tasks and the highest cost to be secured before the big day. Metropolis and Q Events have capitalised on this opportunity to support couples throughout their wedding planning by gifting them the tool as a thank-you once the venue is booked.

‘We want to get our couples excited and not stressed; I have seen many brides and grooms in my day, and we need to help them create their perfect day well before they speak to the team. Couples do not just organise a wedding, family members such as mothers, aunts, and sisters all get involved, so it’s great to provide a tool for all parties involved to share updates and photos and communication via one platform on their phones. No other venue space in Melbourne has offered this app to their couples; it just makes sense for us to include it as part of our premium service. Appy Couple will be a game changer for couples, and we are proud to be partnered with another trailblazing company like ours.’

– Eddie Muto - Managing Director of Metropolis Events, Q Events, & The Valiant Bar.

Metropolis and Q Events have been the first to market this partnership with a ‘gift with purchase’ campaign offering a 12-month subscription to Appy Couple for all new wedding reception bookings. Metropolis Events, Q Events and Appy Couple believe that digital planning is the way of the future, so they hope to enjoy an ongoing partnership for many years.

Ready to become a Metropolis or Q Events bride today?

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Please reach out above for further information or to schedule an in-venue tour.

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