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ICC Sydney Case Study: CommBank Momentum 2022

Commbank momentum 2022: accelerating Australia's transition

ICC Sydney, managed by ASM Global, provided leading edge sustainable practices to support Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s (CommBank) second sustainability conference, Momentum: Accelerating Australia’s Transition. ICC Sydney’s culinary excellence, operational capability and sustainability services were strongly endorsed by its clients, with James Forsyth of Imagination stating, “ICC Sydney’s dedication and commitment to sustainability were perfectly aligned to CommBank’s mission to build a brighter Australia for all.”

CommBank, one of Australia’s ‘big four’ banks brought together influential national business leaders to share solutions and catalyse the nation’s transition to a more sustainable and brighter future.

The venue welcomed VIP speakers including CommBank CEO Matt Comyn, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce, Telstra CEO Vicki Brady, as well as keynotes from world renowned physicist Professor Brian Cox and wildlife filmmaker Chadden Hunter. Hosting 700 in person attendees, the team at ICC Sydney worked closely with CommBank and their event agency, Imagination, to implement a range of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives to drive real impact.


Supporting local and culinary excellence ICC Sydney’s award winning culinary team engaged its strong network of suppliers to create a bespoke menu focused on carbon friendly produce. Showcasing the best quality of Australia’s local produce, ‘snapshots’ were created and distributed across the venue to share the stories of the regional producers featured throughout the menu.

Maximising Corporate Social Responsibility CommBank Momentum 2022 was designed with sustainability at its core. ICC Sydney replaced its standard compostable BioCup containers with edible coffee cups and distributed printed signage made from recycled cardboard throughout the event space to educate attendees on the sustainability features of ICC Sydney and the event. Digital signage, recycled fabrics and cardboard were utilised throughout the entire build to minimise the use of virgin materials and divert waste going to landfill. To reduce the event’s energy consumption, 90 per cent of the event space used LED lighting.

Reducing and measuring impact ICC Sydney’s operational teams delivered sustainable solutions to reduce the environmental footprint of the event, which was then captured in a CSR Event Report post event. The report evaluated the environmental sustainability Legacy Program initiatives activated during the planning and delivery stages of the event, including an estimation of the potential environmental, social and economic impacts. The report also provided CommBank with the event outcomes and offered opportunities for future improvement to support the goal of reaching net zero events by 2050.

  • 700 in person attendees

  • 45 speakers

  • Invite-only event featuring ASX Top 200 companies

  • Large sustainability focus from event planning through to delivery

  • Custom menu featuring local and sustainably sourced produce

  • Debut of ICC Sydney's Corporate Social Responsbility Event Report

“The success of CommBank Momentum 2022 was further amplified through our involvement and support from ICC Sydney’s team. Their dedication and commitment to sustainability, reporting on their sustainable event practices and overall outcomes, as well as supporting local Australian businesses were perfectly aligned to CommBank’s mission to build a brighter Australia for all -making them ideal hosts for this event. Their efforts in achieving our corporate social responsibility goals were nothing short of exceptional."

James Forsyth, Senior Project Manager, Imagination

"ICC Sydney’s team was proud to welcome CommBank Momentum 2022 delegates to experience the breadth of the venue’s world class services delivered by our diverse in house team of passionate professionals. It was especially gratifying to support the event as we activated our corporate social responsibility services that greatly benefited our community, as well as the environment that we all share.”

Geoff Donaghy, CEO - ICC Sydney & Group Director - Convention Centres I ASM GLOBAL (APAC)

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