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6th of November 2023

Hobart to welcome international delegates for 47th Annual Interferry Conference in November.

Hobart is set to become an international hotspot when it plays host to the 47th Annual Interferry Conference from November 4 to 8.

A premier event on the international shipping conference calendar, this edition will see over 400 delegates from around the world; including ferry operators, naval architects, designers and shipbuilders, convene in Hobart to exchange knowledge and hear from key industry leaders.

It will mark the first time the conference has been held in the Southern Hemisphere since Gold Coast 2002.

Tasmania’s largest purpose-built conference events facility, the Hotel Grand Chancellor’s Convention and Exhibition Centre, located within Hobart’s CBD, has been selected as the ideal venue for the four-day program.

Interferry association member and Tasmania’s own TT-Line Spirit of Tasmania will host the event, in what Spirit of Tasmania CEO and Interferry President Bernard Dwyer described as an exciting opportunity for the company and Tasmania’s maritime industry.

“I am very pleased with Interferry’s decision to hold the conference for only the third time” he said.

“Customer experience and sustainability are key considerations that shape our local ferry industry processes, and these will be key themes of the diverse conference program.”

“The opportunity to hear from local industry professionals and technical and post-conference tours will provide great insights into the high-quality craftsmanship and innovative marine technologies available here in Tasmania” Mr Dwyer added.

Along with being a key win for Tasmania’s maritime industry, Business Events Tasmania (BET) CEO Marnie Craig suggests that conference is a reflection of the state’s enduring business event appeal and strong knowledge eco-system.

“Our strong commitment to innovative research and development as well as the development of excellent infrastructure has made Tasmania a leading force across many sectors and a hub for key talent and knowledge exchange.”

“As such, we are a destination that is conducive to hosting aligned business conferences and events that operate on a global scale” Ms Craig said.

Regarding the 47th Annual Interferry Conference, Craig said it was the state’s activity and leadership within the sector that secured the event.

“Hobart was a natural drawcard for the conference due to our highly sought after professionals and manufacturers that provide great value to the global maritime industry” she said.

“Throughout the conference, a spotlight will be placed on our global-scale activity within the ferry industry and the contributions of Tasmania-based manufacturers such as Incat, Spirit of Tasmania, Life Raft Systems as well as multi-award-winning tourism operator Pennicott Wilderness Journey’s” she added.

In conjunction with the 47th Annual Interferry Conference 2023, Hobart will also host the 21st World Wind Energy Conference 2023 (WWEC2023) from November 7 to 9.



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