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New Prime Minister demonstrates the importance of Business Events on Day 1

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Posted May 24, 2022 in BECA News by Dr Leo Jago, Chair

The Business Events Council of Australia (BECA) congratulates the new Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon Anthony Albanese MP, and his team on their election victory over the weekend. BECA looks forward to working with the new Labor government on business events industry recovery and growth over the next term.

BECA Chair, Dr Leo Jago OAM, stated, “It is great to see Prime Minister Albanese demonstrate the importance of business events on day one by not only travelling to participate in the QUADleaders’ strategic security meeting in Tokyo, but also reconfirming his election commitment to deliver an employment summit – bringing together unions and employer groups to resolve wages and productivity challenges.

“Further, we back the Prime Minister’s position to bid for and host a future UN Climate Conference in Australia, in partnership with our Pacific neighbours.

“We look forward to working with the new Labor Ministry once announced through a whole-of-government approach to unleash the benefits that business events offer the nation, including trade and investment, education and skills, research and innovation, commercialisation and productivity – while also driving the visitor economy.”

Before the pandemic, business events were valued at AU$36 billion, and employed more than 229,000 Australians.

To achieve pre-pandemic recovery and aim for long-term industry growth, BECA seeks to collaborate with the new Albanese government on the following priorities:

- Demand driving initiatives including an expansion of the business events bid fund. - Invest in better data capture and analysis to best reflect the true value of the industry. - Resolve workforce shortages and skills gaps. - Improve visa competitiveness. - Mitigate risk and uncertainty by addressing insurance challenges. - Delivering THRIVE 2030 to help realise the potential of business events and the visitor economy. <Ends>

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