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Business Events Australia have released their key findings from the business events domestic corporate research. The following are the key findings:


  • There is a clear and positive shift in the levels of confidence and comfort most business decision makers feel regarding event planning across a range of metrics, 84% are now planning events for the next 6-12 months (+13% from FEB 22)

  • While the proportion of businesses currently planning events longer term is lower at 71% (-3%), the influence COVID-related factors is reportedly having on planning decisions continues to soften

  • The appetite to relocate at least one overseas corporate event to Australia in the next year is the strongest it has ever been, as 95% claim they are likely to relocate one or more of these events to Australia in the next 12 months

  • Appetite to get back to face-to-face events continues to grow with 61% claiming this format for events in the next 12-18 months or sooner (as interest in hybrid events falls away)

  • Two thirds (64%) of businesses intend to involve travel in these future events, and the level of comfort with travelling intrastate and interstate is at its strongest yet, with approximately 90% claiming to feel at ease with the idea

  • Businesses that have not run events since March 2020 are most likely to be looking for a stabilisation or reduction in COVID case numbers in their local area and state / territory before resuming events

  • For businesses planning to hold domestic events in the future, the vast majority (c.90%) estimate that the number of events, number of attendees per event and allocated budget of their domestic event(s) will be similar if not greater than pre-COVID. State / territory capital cities remain the most likely location.

Sample size n=454, Australian corporate decision makers across Australia

Event Here This Year campaign outcomes:

  • 54% of target customers in Australia reported that they had seen the campaign, and of these, 96% reported that they had taken a positive step in relation to planning an event in Australia

  • This positive step included: spoken to a colleague about planning a F2F business event in Australia, sought more information about business events in Australia, organised / planned their next F2F business event in Australia, held a F2F event in Australia they otherwise would not have held.

Download Fact Sheet

Domestic Corporate Research - June 2022
Download PDF • 849KB

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