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Sydney Showground launches new menu, elevating Sydney Royal Fine Food ties

Friday, 25 February 2022

Premier event venue, Sydney Showground, has launched its new food and beverage menu today, with the organisation elevating its connection to premier wine, dairy and fine food brand Sydney Royal.

Launched at an intimate event hosted by Sydney Showground General Manager Darryl Jeffrey and Director of Food and Beverage James Farr, industry guests were treated to a showcase of the venue’s new menu, including a brief Q&A with representatives of featured premium medal-winning products and food and beverage staff.

Operated by the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS), Sydney Showground has unique access to the Sydney Royal brand, which has been judging and promoting Australian products since 1826, when it first put wine, beer, and cider to the test at its annual agricultural show.

Director of Food and Beverage James Farr says the new menu combines fresh local produce with key Sydney Royal medal products to deliver a top-tier experience for clients.

“Sydney Showground has always had a unique advantage due to its direct connection to the Sydney Royal brand, and we wanted to elevate this with our new menu,” said James Farr.

“Event catering is unique, one day, you’ll be catering for a live event and the next night a one thousand person seated dinner, so your catering options must be flexible, and the team experienced enough to deliver at a high standard consistently.

“We are lucky to have a specialised team who work closely with the Sydney Royal competitions and understand the products and producers they use extremely well. It is this direct relationship and knowledge of the products that is reflected in the menu and catering options, which is all produced in-house.”

With over 15 years of experience delivering high-quality cuisine, Executive Chef Tim Browne says his team know how to cater with style.

“Showcasing incredible Australian produce and elevating those flavours in innovative ways is our passion, and that is what you’ll see throughout our new menu,” said Tim Browne.

“Food indulges the senses and adds to the overall event experience. Whether it’s an exposition or festival, everyone remembers the food, and our team certainly know how to go above and beyond to deliver memorable and innovative cuisine.”

Menu highlights include Sydney Royal President’s Medal winners, Brasserie Bread and Meredith Dairy, while Champion medal-winning Pure Gelato cannoli’s help top off the dessert options.

Running competitions throughout the year, Sydney Royal is the premier food business of the RAS and aims to support the Australian wine, dairy and fine food industry by benchmarking products and providing expert feedback to producers through competition.

To view Sydney Showground’s new food and beverage menu, please visit the website. You can also learn more about the venue’s ties to supporting the Australian agriculture industry and Sydney Royal here.

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