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Your Questions Answered: eAccreditation

Updated: Apr 27

by Marcel Van Egdom | Mar 8, 2023 | TechNews

eTechSuite launched its latest event technology, eAccreditation, early 2023. eTechSuite answers the top 5 questions being asked by event organisers about this one-of-a-kind CPD points management system.

1. What is eAccreditation and how does it work?

Individuals who work in regulated industries or sectors are typically required to accumulate Continuing Education (CE) points to maintain their professional qualifications and license to practice. These points may include CPD, CME or CLE points.

eAccreditation is an all-in-one online portal for CE/CPD that collects attendee information and session attendance data. Using industry-specific accreditation requirements, a smart calculator converts session attendance into CPD points and generates personalised attendance and CPD certificates.

Event attendees can easily download their automatically generated certificates from the portal and submit them to the appropriate accreditation body.

2. How much time will eAccreditation save me?

As event management professionals, eTechSuite understand the extensive amount of time and labour required to organise every aspect of an event, including the post-event wrap up.

With eAccreditation, eTechSuite can build your custom CPD portal within minutes. The integrated and customisable calculators will do the heavy lifting for you, automatically converting session attendance data to CPD points.

This will save countless hours that would otherwise be spent manually calculating points and designing CPD certificates for event attendees. Plus, individual attendance data and CPD certificates will be accessible to participants on a secure online portal, eliminating the need to distribute personalised certificates to each attendee post-event.

3. How does eAccreditation integrate with other systems? When event technology systems seamlessly integrate, magic happens. With eAccreditation, participant details and session attendance data can be automatically synced or imported from multiple session attendance tracking tools, including the eMobilise mobile events app and the eMeeting virtual event platform.

eAccreditation can be easily embedded in event websites, mobile apps and virtual and hybrid event platforms, giving event participants near real-time access to session attendance reports and CPD points accrued during the event.

4. How does eAccreditation help me reduce the carbon footprint of my events?

eTechSuite is a carbon-neutral certified organisation providing environmentally sustainable digital alternatives to outdated physical event solutions. Electronic CPD certificates eliminate paper, ink and waste created by printed certificates.

5. What technical support is provided?

eTechSuite’s technical and customer support team looks after clients every step of the way, from portal setup to post-event reporting, to ensure the entire process is stress-free. With offices in the UK, Europe and Australasia, we have you covered in all time zones.

All eTechSuite’s products come with helpful guides and templates.

Contact eTechSuite for more information on eSpeaker and other eTechSuite products.

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