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The Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia (EEAA) is proud to partner with, represent and work in collaboration with a breadth of national and international exhibition and event industry organisations and a talented and professional membership community in the delivery of its work. The support of our broad-based community is a big part of our success.

The EEAA also recognises individuals who have been recognised for their work and contribution to the industry:

Fine Food Australia

Trevor Riddell
President’s Award

2001    -  Timothy Collett
2002    -  Paul D’Arcy
2003    -  Tony Woodland
2006    -  Gary Fitz-Roy
2007    -  Domenic Genua
2009    -  Helen Mantellato
2011    -  Robert O’Keeffe
2012    -  Ton van Amerongen
2013    -  Matthew Pearce
2013    -  Debbie Evans
2015    -  Jim Delahunty
2016    -  Domenic Genua
2017    -  Jo-Anne Kelleway
2019    -  Leighton Wood 
2022    - Rod Peter 
2022    - Spiro Anemogiannis

Life Members

Malcolm Cadby
Roy Castle 
Jim Delahunty
Allan Ekholm
Debbie Evans
Tony Farrington
Elizabeth Falloon
Bryan Humphris
John Kelly (Jack)
Tony Marget
Peter Matthews
Bob Moore 
Phillip Morgan
Trevor Riddell (Deceased)
Graeme Selby
Jo-Anne Kelleway
Peter King
Domenic Genua


Past Presidents

Nicole Walker
Spiro Anemogiannis
Domenic Genua
Elizabeth Falloon
Bryan Humphris
Peter Matthews
Bob Moore
Robert O’Keeffe
Matthew Pearce
Trevor Riddell
Graeme Selby
Graeme Uthmeyer

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