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Da Vinci's brilliance to shine at THE LUME Melbourne at MCEC

12 March 2024

The Italian Renaissance comes to Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) in March with THE LUME Melbourne featuring the incredible art and inventions of Leonardo da Vinci.

Leonardo da Vinci - 500 Years of Genius presented by Webuild, the newest and most ambitious multi-sensory experience at THE LUME Melbourne, opens this Saturday, 16 March 2024.

Featuring original pages from da Vinci’s notebook, machine inventions brought to life from the master’s sketches, a digital experience spanning his incredible life story and the only exact 360-degree replica of Mona Lisa in the world, visitors can see and experience Leonardo's genius and wonder at the parallels between his brilliant ideas and modern technology.

Once again, MCEC’s culinary experts have created a bespoke menu to complement the experience. Caffè Medici will take visitors on a journey to northern Italy, with casual all-day dining inspired by the tastes and traditions of Florence, Milan and Venice.

Visitors can dine in the brilliance of The Last Supper and experience animation that breathes life into the masterpiece, highlighting the subtleties of expressions, the play of light and shadow and the emotion of this iconic work.

MCEC Executive Sous Chef of Culinary Development, Karl Edmonds said the menu was carefully crafted to parallel the artistry of the experience.

“The menu epitomises classic Italian cuisine. Think arancini, minestrone and pasta dishes, antipasto to share, and for a sweet treat, Italian-style croissants, donuts, panettone and gelato created in-house by our award-winning pastry team. If prosecco, spritz, or Sangiovese aren’t your drink of choice, the beverage menu also features a chilled, fruity mimosa mocktail.”

THE LUME Melbourne is a one-of-a-kind experience for all visitors and a unique setting for corporate and private events. MCEC offers opportunities for exclusive events, as well as events on the mezzanine level overlooking the main gallery.

Whether it’s a corporate breakfast meeting, an elegant cocktail reception or gala event, THE LUME Melbourne offers a versatile and unforgettable setting for all types of events and an excellent menu to match. Each dish is a masterpiece, a blend of art, science and flavour, transporting guests on a journey to Renaissance Italy for an experience to remember.

“Since opening in 2021, THE LUME Melbourne has quickly become a must-visit destination for art lovers and those seeking a unique multi-sensory experience. We’re proud to create a menu that seamlessly weaves together the art, culture and influences of the time, delivering authentic experiences for both visitors and corporate events,” Karl said.

Permanently housed at MCEC, THE LUME Melbourne continues its epic adventure into art, following the success of Van Gogh Alive, Monet & Friends Alive, and Connection. For more information and tickets, please visit:



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