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Sustainability on the menu at BBC Earth Experience at MCEC

23 November 2023

As home of the renowned BBC Earth Experience, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) is proud to launch Habitat Café, offering visitors a unique sustainable dining experience inside the exhibit.

Melbourne is the second city globally to host the awe-inspiring BBC Earth Experience and is the only place in the Asia-Pacific region where visitors will be able to experience this extraordinary attraction.

As a leader in sustainability, MCEC aims to inspire others in the event industry to make conscious choices for a greener future, aligning perfectly with the messaging of the BBC Earth Experience.

After immersing themselves in the captivating journey through the seven continents of the world, visitors can indulge in a delicious range of sustainable drinks and snacks at MCEC’s newly launched Habitat Café.

The menu has been thoughtfully curated to ensure that each item is responsibly sourced, supporting local Victorian suppliers and reducing emissions from transportation.

Even the café furniture has been carefully sourced with durability in mind, offering visitors a complete eco-friendly dining experience.

Visitors can enjoy carbon-neutral coffee, served in an edible cup. The edible cups are made from locally sourced oats and grains, and designed by Good-Edi, a Melbourne start-up on a mission to prevent single-use cups from ending up in landfill.

Good-Edi was discovered through MCEC’s industry partner, The Startup Network, demonstrating the strength of both organisations to foster collaboration and innovation.

Habitat Café also features Circle Harvest snacks made from insect protein, the fastest-growing alternative protein in the world.

Paul Kanaan, Head of Food and Beverage at MCEC said Habitat Café extends the themes of the BBC Earth Experience, providing visitors with a complete sensory experience.

“When designing the menu for Habitat Café, we had to think a bit differently, providing sustainable options that visitors could grab-and-go after seeing the BBC Earth Experience. The innovative menu and dining experience showcases the creativity and expertise of our team and our ongoing commitment to sustainability,” he said.

“MCEC has a strong philosophy of supporting local suppliers and highlighting Victorian ingredients in all our menus, and we are proud to continue this with Habitat Café,” he added.

For those wanting to extend their stay, Goldfields Café + Bar in the main foyer also features a new menu, sourcing the best local produce to reduce transportation and in turn reduce CO2 emissions.

Menu highlights include sustainably farmed barramundi, zero-waste hand-cut fries, free-range chicken and delicious bowls packed full of seasonal veggies.

Visitors can show their BBC Earth Experience tickets to receive 10% off their meal at Goldfields.

The launch of Habitat Café and the new Goldfields menu marks another milestone in MCEC’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Samantha Ferrier, MCEC’s Sustainability Manager said as one of the leading sustainable convention centres in Australia, the BBC Earth Experience aligns perfectly with our goals.

“MCEC is thrilled to be the home of the BBC Earth Experience, showcasing our shared values of sustainability and environmental awareness. We’re proud to work closely with the BBC team to understand the emissions footprint of the entire experience and minimise its environmental impact,” she said.

MCEC’s recently launched Impact Report highlights our achievements towards environmental sustainability.

Last financial year, we reduced our CO2 emissions by 19% from our 2019 baseline, diverted 26,000 single use coffee cups from landfill and delivered 17,476 meals for those in need through our partnership with OzHarvest, rescuing 8,738kg of food from landfill.

Find out more about the BBC Earth Experience and MCEC’s sustainability commitments.

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