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Avion International Australia launches new subsidiary AVN Event Logistics

Press Release

3 April 2024

AVION International Australia Unveils AVN Event Logistics: A Strategic Move to Enhance Comprehensive Logistics Solutions

Sydney, Australia3 April, 2024 - AVION International Australia, a leading logistics provider

committed to innovation and adaptability, proudly announces the launch of AVN Event

Logistics. This strategic move underscores AVION's dedication to revolutionising event

logistics and setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Benjamin Wilson, a seasoned logistics professional with over two decades of experience, has been appointed to manage AVN Event Logistics. With a proven track record in managing

logistics for some of the world’s most renowned events, including the prestigious Australian

International Airshow, G20 Summit, Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games and the FIFA

Women's World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023™. His expertise in navigating the

intricate demands of large-scale event logistics has established him as a leader in the field.

Benjamin Wilson, a seasoned logistics professional with over two decades of experience,

has been appointed to manage AVN Event Logistics. With a robust background in

coordinating logistics for major events globally, including renowned ones such as Airshow

AU and the FIFA Women's World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023™, Wilson brings a

wealth of expertise to his new role.

Benjamin Wilson, Managing Director AVN Event Logistics "In launching AVN Event Logistics,

we're not just unveiling a new player in the event logistics sector; we're introducing a

revolutionary way of how an event logistics provider can be more integrated with organisers

compared to a traditional service provider. We aim to be an extension of our client’s

business by investing in our people, technology, and infrastructure to deliver a wide range

of products and services. We are here to be a challenger in the event logistics sector and

redefine the industry standard."

AVION International Australia's launch of AVN Event Logistics signals a commitment to

redefining event logistics through innovation and adaptability. By leveraging Ben Wilson's

extensive experience and leadership skills, AVN Event Logistics aims to set new industry

standards and revolutionise the way events are managed.

AVN Event Logistics introduces a fresh and innovative approach to event logistics, offering

comprehensive solutions that encompass meticulous planning, domestic and international

transport coordination, on-site management, and value-added services. With a team

boasting over 150 years of combined experience in event logistics, AVN Event Logistics is

poised to deliver unparalleled expertise and tailored solutions to its clients.

Marco Viglietta, Managing Director of Avion International Australia, expressed his

enthusiasm for the launch, stating, "Establishing the new subsidiary AVN Event Logistics

aligns seamlessly with our overarching goals and vision. This move will further strengthen

our position as a versatile and customer-centric logistics provider on the world stage."

Under Ben Wilson's management, AVN Event Logistics is primed to excel in delivering

flawless execution, ensuring that events run smoothly from start to finish. His track record

of success in managing logistics for high-profile events positions him as an asset in driving

AVN Event Logistics' success and cementing its reputation as a leader in the industry.

Mr. Viglietta continues: “With Ben’s leadership, AVN Event Logistics is well-equipped to

navigate the complexities of event logistics and deliver exceptional results for clients across

diverse industries.”

Market Opportunities and Differentiation

AVN Event Logistics aims to capture opportunities in emerging markets within the event

industry, including consumer & trade exhibitions, international conferences and sport and

other major events. The differentiation strategy revolves around offering highly customised

solutions, leveraging combined industry experience and event-specific expertise, and

utilising advanced technology for efficient logistics management.

Complementary Services for Comprehensive Logistics Solutions

AVN Event Logistics extends AVION’s service range, introducing specialised event logistics

tailored to the unique needs of clients. This move aligns perfectly with AVION's commitment to providing comprehensive logistics solutions, catering to the diverse and dynamic requirements of clients.

Market Expansion and Business Diversification

Strategically targeting new market segments in event logistics supports AVION's vision of

business diversification and expansion. This forward-thinking initiative reflects AVION's

commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and meeting the evolving demands of the


Integration into Existing AVION Operations

AVN Event Logistics will seamlessly integrate into AVION's existing operations, leveraging

shared resources and capabilities. By combining forces, AVION and AVN aim to create a

powerhouse in the logistics industry, ensuring operational synergies and efficiency.

Technological Integration for Enhanced Efficiency

The integration of AVN into AVION operations involves combining AVION's technological

capabilities with AVN's innovative event logistics solutions. This collaboration aims to

enhance efficiency through advanced technologies and real-time tracking systems, providing clients with unparalleled visibility and control over their logistics.

Technological Investments in AVN Operations

AVN's operations will benefit from significant technological investments, including state-of-the-art, bespoke-designed event logistics software. This investment underscores AVION's

commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for the evolving needs of the logistics


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